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hilarious matrimonial ad: Ad seeking prospective groom, asks software engineers to 'not call'


If you want to entertain yourself, go to the matrimonial ads page on newspapers. These ads become talking points in the Indian social media for their fun and unique content.

A recent matrimonial ad also outraged people for being insensitive and downright insulting. It had a unique disclaimer that targeted software engineers.

The matrimonial ad for the prospective groom, for a fair and beautiful MBA girl from a rich family business background, asking software engineers to 'not call.' The age of the girl is mentioned too along with her height.

The girl's family wants a groom who should be an IAS/IPS or working doctor (PG) or an industrialist/ businessman from the same caste.

But this was not enough, the disclaimer mentioned at the end of the ad that software engineers kindly do not call.

It reads: 'Software engineers kindly do not call'.

The image of the now-viral ad was posted on Twitter by businessman Samir Arora.

He captioned it: "Future of IT does not look so sound."

Check the matrimonial ad below:

The ad was unique it discriminated against software engineers and was weird enough to get Twitter users talking.

Read the comments by the Twitter users:

One user funnily commented, "Kya mechanical wale call kar sakte hai?"

Another user seriously commented, "By that logic, future of India doesn't look good because today even after a good higher education and rich and prosperous background, if the person is keeping caste over everything then there is something really wrong!"

A user also gave a solid reply to the ad and wrote, "Don't worry..Engineers don't rely on some newspaper ad. They find everything on their own."