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Egypt: Women poisoned her 3 children to be with her boyfriend; both woman and her boyfriend were sentenced to death

 A 26-year-old woman and her boyfriend were sentenced to death in the case of killing their three children with poison and leaving her husband in a critical condition. The sentence was handed down on Saturday by the Naga Hamadi Criminal Court in Upper Egypt, with the approval of the Grand Mufti. Both will be hanged.

The incident related to the case took place in July 2021. The woman’s husband Rafat Galal (35) poisoned her children Amira (8), Amir (7) and Adam (9) with soft drinks. Rafat Galal was hospitalized in critical condition. The children were also found lying dead with poison inside them. Confirming that there is criminal activity behind the incident, the investigation team went into its interior.

During the investigation, it was found that the four people were given poison mixed with soft drinks. It is clear that the children’s mother and their boyfriend are behind this. The investigation team found that the young woman had a three-year relationship with her boyfriend, a 28-year-old driver. Both of them thought that if they get rid of their children and husband, they can live independently. The murder was planned on this basis.

On the day of the incident, one of the children was to be seen at the hospital. The young woman brought this to the attention of her boyfriend and decided to do the right thing that day. The boyfriend bought four cans of soft drink and poisoned it. This was handed over to the young woman. The young woman gave poisoned cold drink to her husband and children who came back from the hospital.

In no time, the children and husband began to show weakness. The husband lost consciousness and was shifted to the intensive care unit of a nearby hospital. However, three children died. The police arrested the accused and proved the case in the court. Then brought to the criminal court. Both were sentenced to be hanged with the permission of the Grand Mufti.