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Watch video: Elephant Goes on Rampage, Two dead


Odisha: Elephant Goes on Rampage, Two Trampled to Death, Killer Jumbo Tranquilized

In a hair-raising development reported from Odisha, a female elephant went on a rampage earlier on Tuesday and trampled at least two persons do death. The killer jumbo was later tranquilized.

Videos on social media show a female jumbo going berserk on the road, sprinting, crashing and crushing everything and everyone in its way. Another hair-raising video shows a man having a lucky escape after being dragged by the elephant.

Odisha’s Cuttack woke up panic struck after a herd of elephants wreaked havoc in the city, trampling two persons, damaging vehicles, and houses. The deceased include an elderly woman as well. The elephant attack occurred earlier on the wee hours of Wednesday when the city was asleep, and the elephants went on a rampage for the rest of the day.

The deceased were identified as 55-year-old Kamala Nayak and 80-year-old Anand Chandra Behera. Reportedly, Kamla was plucking flowers when the elephant picked her up and slammed her on the ground. It then sprinted towards Anand, and crushed him to death.

Four persons also suffered serious injuries in the chaos that erupted in the wake of the elephant attack.

Meanwhile, another elephant, that was part of the same herd, drowned in Mahanadi and its carcass was discovered near Jobra barrage.

Another shocking video of the same rampage shows a man making a narrow escape after being attacked and then dragged by an elephant. In the video, one can see that a man is rolled around and is about to be crushed by an elephant above him. Somehow, the elephant’s foot misses the man and he is able to walk away from the situation unscathed.

In another hair-raising video from the same incident in Cuttack, a group of men are seen running for their life as an elephant gives them a chase and sprints to get them.