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WATCH VIDEO: Man Sits on top of Tree for hours to Escape Herd of Wild Elephants


In an astounding incident reported from Kerala, a man had to sit atop a huge tree with bated breath for over an hour to escape a herd of wild elephants. Viral video of the incident shows the man perched up on top of a tree as a herd of elephants wander around him. The incident was reported from Chinnakanal in Kerala’s Idukki district. The dazed and confused youth who took desperate measures was identified as Saji.

According to reports, Saji was going on about his usual day when he found himself surrounded by a herd of wild elephants on his farm. Saji was further alarmed when he realized the elephants were approaching him. Not wanting to take a risk, Saji simply decided to make a run for it.

However, Saji soon realized how elephants are not easy to outrun (an elephant can walk with a speed of 40km/h in short sprints). This was when he spotted a Eucalyptus tree nearby and jumped to its top. To his shock, he realized that the elephants were not moving away from the place.

Saji then called out for help, which was heard by other locals. Soon, forest officers were rushed to the place, who after about 90 minutes, were able to drive the pachyderms away.

90 Minutes Later

For the next ninety minutes, Saji was perched up on the tree-top with bated breath while forest officers tried to remove the herd of elephants. In the end, the officers somehow managed to drive away the pachyderms away by bursting crackers and other means.

Watch Video here (Video Credit NDTV):