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Some Strange and interesting facts about women?


  1. Women usually don't gel up that well with each other. That's why mostly they have guy friends and in many cases there best friend ends up of opposite gender.
  2. They are very good observers. They check out women more than a guy just not in any sexual manner.
  3. Most of them give a lot of thoughts about their marriage and dream guy.
  4. They get easily jealous of other beautiful women around them.
  5. They share chat screenshots of guys with their friends and sometimes makes fun of that.
  6. They oppose dowry but expect there husband to earn in lakhs and also to take her on foreign trips. Both things are equally wrong.
  7. At least 90% girls have more than one relationship in their lifetime. Not judging here. Just stating the fact.
  8. If they want then they can take up easily anyone to their bed. No offense here but yes most of the guys are lose in character which women are well aware of.
  9. Their breast and booty shape usually decides their self confidence. They are very sensitive about these things and thinks a lot about it.
  10. Usually they end up in a relationship for pampering, to avoid loneliness or by seeing their most of the friends in relationships which is the sole reason for relationship failure in future.