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Watch Video: Bihar Hospital Nurses Thrashes Youths for Making Video on Hospital Mismanagement


In a recently gone viral video, hospital nurses in Bihar were seen thrashing youths with sticks for allegedly making video on hospital’s mismanagement. The incident was reported from Chhapra district hospital in Bihar’s Saran district. Reportedly, the two whistleblowers had taken videos of the alleged mismanagement in the hospital, which enraged the nurses.

In the video gone viral, multiple nurses are seen thrashing two men mercilessly with sticks. The two youths can be seen pleading for forgiveness and asks the nurses to stop beating them. However, the nurses continue to thrash them with the long stick. One of the nurses in the video can be seen holding the phone of the youth, deleting the alleged video of the hospital’s mismanagement.

As per the reports, the two youths had come to hospital to get a medical certificate. However, when they witnessed some mismanagement in the hospital, they started taking videos of the entire ordeal. This enraged the nurses of the hospital, who took to arms and started thrashing them.

Netizens on social media have since been tagging Bihar Health Department, and other relevant authorities to draw their attention. Meanwhile, Civil surgeon Dr. Sagar Dulal Sinha claimed not being aware of the incident.

Meanwhile, the two youths were released by the hospital personnel. So far, no complaints have been side from either side.