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Watch Video: Youth Tied To Scooter, Dragged For 2 Km For Failing To Return Money


The Odisha Police has detained two people for allegedly dragging a young man along the street after strapping him to their bike for apparently not returning the money he borrowed. An investigation was launched after the footage of the incident surfaced online.

“We got information about the incident around 11 pm. Today, we’ve identified both the accused & the victim. The accused have been taken into custody,” Cuttack DCP Pinak Mishra informed ANI. 

Two individuals can be seen pulling a young person along the road while strapping him to a scooter in a viral video.

Two suspects, Hussain (24) and Chotu (18), were taken into custody by the police in this regard. Despite the fact that the incident’s exact time could not be determined, the police said that it occurred around 11 pm, ANI reported. 

Notably, the victim, Jagannath Behera, was acquainted with the suspects and had lent them Rs. 1500. When the accused failed to return the borrowed funds, they tied him to a scooter and dragged him in front of thousands of onlookers along the street.

“The victim Jagannath Behera knew the accused and had borrowed Rs 1,500 from them. He failed to return the money timely. The accused tied him to their scooter and dragged him for over 2 kilometres. We are investigating the matter,” Mishra said. 

According to DCP Mishra, the accused would be brought before the court after an examination of their criminal history. A guy was previously garland with shoes and tied in front of a moving vehicle in the Paradeep port district of Odisha as retaliation for stealing a cell phone.

A 14-year-old Dalit child is said to have been severely beaten and tied to a pole in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka in September. According to the authorities, the accused beat the victim after thinking he had committed stealing.