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Everything is fair in love: Rajasthan teacher changes gender to marry same sex student


“Everything is fair in love”, said the Rajasthan teacher who underwent a sex reassignment surgery and married his female student recently. The couple’s unique story was reported by news agency ANI. Meera, a physical education teacher in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur, changed his gender and picked the name Aarav before marrying his student.

According to reports, Meera, now Aarav, met his student Kalpana during the physical education classes at the school located in Bharatpur. Talking to media, Aarav said that he had fallen in love with Kalpana during their time they interacted on the playground. He further mentioned that he always felt like a man in a woman’s body, and decided to go through sex reassignment.

“I was born a girl but I always thought I was a boy. I always wished to undergo surgery to change my gender. I had my first surgery in December 2019,” he was quoted saying. Interestingly enough, such was the love Kalpana had harbored for Aarav, that it wouldn’t have mattered if he would not have gone through the surgery.

“I loved him from the beginning. Even if he had not undergone the [gender affirmation] surgery, I would have married him,” Kalpana, a state-level kabaddi player said. Kalpana is all set to travel to Dubai for an international Kabaddi tournament.

The news comes weeks after Rajasthan government announced assistance for people seeking sex reassignment surgery.