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Meet Kaan, Indonesia’s 61-Year-Old ‘Playboy King’, Who is Set to Marry 88th Time


Kaan, Indonesia’s s 61-Year-Old ‘Playboy King’ who is reportedly set to marry the 88th time is making buzz all over the internet. While the virtue of one love for the lifetime has been spoken about since time immemorial, Kaan is an exception, who is on a never-ending streak of getting married. While one would assume that he must be a rich businessman or a part of a royal family, Kaan is but a humble farmer.

While the story of Kaan and his allegedly 87 marriages is baffling in itself, what’s equally surprising is his confidence and attitude. He claims that his first ex-wife approached him and while they have been separated since a long time, the bond between them remains strong.

Kaan also boasts about how his new betrothed is head over heels for him. He also went into details as to how his first marriage didn’t work out. In an interview to Malay Mail, he was quoted saying, “Due to my poor attitude then, my wife asked for a divorce after two years into the marriage.”

It seems that honesty is Kaan’s best trait as he claims to not “play with their emotions”. “But I do not want to do things that are not good for women. I also refuse to play with their emotions.  Rather than committing immorality, it is better that I get married.”