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ON CAMERA: Student throws currency notes on classmate dancing at school function, gets thrashed by teacher; video viral


Lucknow: A student was beaten up seemingly by a teacher for throwing currency on another student who was dancing on the school ground during a function in Uttar Pradesh.

The incident, occurred at Alpine Public School Loomb Baghpat, in Uttar Pradesh.

The video of the same has gone viral on the internet where a student wearing the uniform can be seen dancing in front of a gathering of students and teachers during a function.

The 25-second video also shows another student coming on the stage and throwing money at his dancing classmate.

However, the act did not go well with the apparent Physical Education teacher who, holding a long stick, follows the student and beats him for going near to the performing student. The three teachers, who can also be seen in the video, showed anger towards the act.