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Pakistan: 19-Year-Old Girl Marries 70-Year-Old Baba, Says “One Doesn’t See Age in Love” ; Watch Video


Another love story on YouTube by Syed Basit Ali has gathered the attention of people on the internet yet again. The YouTuber has earned quite a following on the video sharing platform by sharing the love stories of many unique couples in Pakistan. In most of his videos, he features couples with a vast age difference. He also likes talking to people from different professions or walks of life that society thinks can never be together but somehow are. This time, it's the story of a 70-year-old baba from Pakistan who married a 19-year-old woman. The unique love story of a 19-year-old woman and a 70-year-old man has grabbed people's attention.      

The couple is now married without fearing the age gap as the man believes "he is very young at heart." 

The two met during morning walks 

The couple, identified as Liaquat Ali, 70, and Shumaila Ali, 19, said they met while taking morning walks. Ali said that he met his wife during their daily morning walks in Lahore. However, that was not it. Ali wanted to impress Shumaila, so one day he decided to sing a song while jogging behind the man. Liaquat's humming during the morning walks is what led to the beginning of their love story leading to marriage. 

Age doesn't matter in love

Pakistan wedding YouTube Screengrab @Syed Basit Ali

Needless to say, the age gap of 49 years was not a problem for the couple, as they are now happily married. When asked about her views on it, Shumaila said, " One doesn't see age in love. It just happens." However, the woman's parents had reservations about the marriage, but her love for Ali overcame those reservations, and they are now on board. "My parents objected for a while but we were able to convince them," she added. 

Liaquat reflected a similar thought, and he said that he is very "young at heart" despite being 70. "Age is not a factor when it comes to romance," he added. The 70 year old also said he is so happy with his wife's cooking that he has left eating in restaurants. When asked if people with vast age differences should marry or not, Liaquat had a very clear answer, he said "There is no question about someone being old or young. Anyone who is legally allowed to marry can marry."