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Pakistan Cop Becomes Millionaire Overnight, Gets Rs 100 Million in Bank

 A cop in Pakistan recently became a multi-millionaire overnight and got Rs 100 million in his bank account, only to have his bank block his ATM card and freeze the shocking amount from being withdrawn.

The incident was reported from Karachi’s Bahadurabad in Pakistan and occurred earlier last week. The cop in question was identified as Aamir Gopang, an investigating officer in Karachi’s Bahadurabad police station.

According to reports, Aamir was lost for words after learning that 100 million Pakistani rupees had been deposited in his bank account, along with his monthly salary from the department. In his interview with the media, Aamir mentioned being shocked as he had never had anything more than a few thousand rupees in his account.

“I was shocked because let alone having seen so much money, I have never had more than a few thousand rupees in my account,” the investigating officer was quoted saying, adding that he found out about the entire matter when his bank called him.

He further mentioned that his bank account was frozen and the authorities blocked his ATM card until investigation is not concluded in the matter.

While the incident may seem like an isolated one, it is interesting to note that cops from Larkana and Sukkur have also received large amounts of money.