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Terrible : Watch Video - Asleep man confronts 'ghost' at night, here's what happened later


A video showing an asleep man coming across a 'ghost' has gone viral on social media. Despite it not being as fearful as the videos which pop to zoom-in haunted figures on screen, this viral footage will still you goosebumps.

How about being fast asleep, and someone wakes you up... This itself is an unlikely scenario. However, what if you wake up to see a ghost trying to greet you with "Good morning?" Similar was a case in this viral video, a man can be seen waking up to a shocking scene as he opens his eyes to face a person wearing a ghost mask. The disguised individual can be seen pulling off the bedsheet of the asleep fellow inorder to tickle him up from a sleeping night.

Also, a friendly warning to not watch the Instagram reel if you are too scared of haunted visuals. Avoid looking at this just before sleep, as the concerning footage may haunt you. Otherwise, it's fun in horror for those who keep scrolling to browse scary stuff.