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US Man Robs Bank With help of Uber, Makes Driver Wait for him to Take Back Home


In a shocking incident reported from US, a man showed the audacity to rob a bank, and then making the driver wait for him to take him back home. The incident was reported from Southfield town in Michigan state and occurred earlier last week on Wednesday. The man who showed the genius of expecting his Uber driver to actually take him back home after robbing the bank was identified as Jason Christmas.

However, it should be noted that it was not the Uber driver who alerted the cops which led to Jason’s arrest. In fact, the driver was not even aware of Jason’s devious plans. Earlier on Wednesday, the cops deployed a team to the Huntington Bank in Southfield on a report of a bank robbery. When the driver asked the Uber driver about the man’s actions, he claimed to be unaware of the robbery plan.

In a bodycam footage shared by the Southfield Police, the accused can be seen handcuffed with “red stuff” all over him. The cops ask him about the red marking, which was actually from the dye packs that was in the money the accused was handed by the bank.

Interestingly enough, the reason why the accused had taken the Uber, was that his license was suspended and he simply decided to hail an Uber, to commit the robbery.