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Wait What? Snake runs away with a chappal thrown at it; netizens react ; Watch Video


Snake, for more, the word in itself invokes fear and anxiety. What if the snake is approaching you? While some try to run for escape, others take to counter the reptile by throwing objects and restricting its movement towards them.

A video gone viral on social media shows how a snake runs away with a slipper thrown at it. The 30-second-long footage captured the behaviour of the snake on camera wherein it grabbed the footwear and gradually crawled with it.

Watch video:

Meanwhile, netizens wondered about the chappal's utility to the snake as it has no legs to wear them. "I wonder what this snake will do with that chappal. He got no legs," read the video caption when posted on Twitter. It was uploaded there by an IFA officer named Parveen Kaswan. There are speculations that the hungry creature could have fetched the footwear assuming it to be some food.

Here's what Twitterati said regarding the viral video