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Watch Video: Disturbing video shows Elon Musk's Tesla runs out of control in China

Elon Musk's Tesla is known for its auto-driven vehicles and the fast service it provides the user. However, in a recent case from China, things got worse from the happening features. A Tesla Model Y car was seen rushing on the streets, so unstoppable that it resulted in hitting people on way during the super swift ride.

The video of the speedy car having lost control has gone viral on social media. While sharing the disturbing visuals of the incident on Twitter, a netizen wrote, "Hope its not flagged down since #tesla and #twitter is under same entity..."

The tweet which shared the Tesla incident from China claimed quoting the respective driver that the brake failed when the person attempted to park the car aside.

Meanwhile, local news media reported that the incident took place on November 5 in the southern province of Guangdong, costing lives of a motorcyclist and a high school girl. According to reports, police investigation is underway in this regard.