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Watch viral video: Bihar Man Survives After Speeding Train Runs Over him


A man in Bihar’s Bhagalpur recently tried to use a “shortcut” to change platforms, and somehow survived as a speeding train ran over him right when he was on the tracks. The video of the incident has since gone viral on social media and has sparked a debate on people not following basic rules and protocols. Some netizens expressed their anger towards the man’s actions in the comment section.

The incident was reported from Kahalgaon railway station in Bihar’s Bhagalpur district. In the video of the incident, the man in question can be seen lying flat on his stomach without moving an inch as a goods train thuds and speeds on top of him. As if it’s an everyday thing for the man, he simply stands up, grabs his bag, and speed-walks away from the track when the train passed away.

As per locals quoted by reports, the man was trying to cross the railway track to reach another platform and catch the train. A goods train was stationary on the track. The man assumed that the train is not going to move and simply started crossing the railway tracks. Right at that moment, the goods train started rolling on the tracks and picked up its speed.