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“Wish you were in front of me…” Wasim Akram lashes out at fan


New Delhi: The cricket team of Pakistan lost in the finals of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022. England defeated them with a margin of 5 wickets. The fans were in absolute grief after witnessing their team loose the biggest match of the year. The fans of Pakistan are unable to digest this defeat and are trolling their own players on social media. Some comments make it hard to understand, whether its from a fans or from naysayers.

On reading one of such comments, the former left arm fast bowler Wasim Akram got furious during a TV show. He threatened the person who wrote the comment saying, ‘I wish you were here in front of me now!’

Wasim Akram got furious seeing THIS comment

Understanding the disgrace in the comment, Wasim Akram referred to this tweet while he was empaneled in a discussion on a sports TV channel. The Twitter user wrote, ‘One Nawaz Sharif is a fugitive and the other is Shaheen Shah. Fugitive Shaheen you should have bowled five more balls but you away from the ground. There can be no greater (cricket) event than this. It was better that your body came back from the ground. If you would have died while trying, you would have been called a martyr…not fugitives.

Comment on Shaheen Shah

They were referring to this incident of Shaheen Afridi

Shaheen Afridi got injured in the final match. While taking a catch, he suffered from a strain on his leg. Shaheen went off-field, however, he came back and tried to ball. But  he again experienced pain and had to go back after bowling just one ball. Shaheen Afridi took 1 wicket while giving away only 13 runs in 2.1 overs.

Shaheen suffered from a leg injury

Shaheen had suffered a leg injury in the 13th over. He caught Harry Brooke off the delivery of Shadab Khan. Shaheen in a display of courage, he returned in the 16th over and tried to bowl again. However, after bowling only one ball he again experienced strain in his leg. On returning back to the dugout his face reflected despair and regret for letting down an entire nation.