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Beautiful Wedding Turns into fight as Families of Bride & Groom Fight over Who Should Take Pictures First


In a bizarre incident reported from Uttar Pradesh, a wedding turned into an all-out-brawl as families of groom and bride fought each other over who should get pictures taken first. The brawl was such that there were multiple injuries reported in the aftermath. The incident was reported from Deoria district, UP, and occurred earlier on December 8 of this month. Following the incident, the injured were rushed to the hospital.

It all started when the wedding procession of the groom went from Rampur Karkhana Dhus to Madhavpur village for the wedding which was to take place on December 8. The upcoming days promised excitement, enjoyment and a lot of laughter. However, things were soon to take a drastic turn of events, which would involve punches, shoves, hospital, and police station.

After the wedding procession reached its destination, the wedding rituals followed. What started off like any other Indian wedding, soon turned upside down. The groom’s family, in an alleged drunken state, demanded that they would have their pictures click first.

The demand led to an argument, which later turned into a brawl.  The groom’s uncle, sister, and other family members were severely injured and had to be hospitalized.

The groom who was initially angry and not in favour of getting on in the marriage, later came around, and tied the knot.