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Groom gifts donkey to the bride at the wedding, social media users ,watch the video


Trending Video: In marriage, every groom wishes to give more than one gift to his bride. But a groom went ahead in this matter. He gifted a donkey to his bride in a crowded pandal. What the bride did after this was worth watching.

Donkey gifted to bride: Donkey is considered to be the most hardworking but foolish animal in the world. Whose example is given to show someone’s stupidity. But one person was so attached to the donkey that he gifted the donkey as a surprise gift to the bride in her marriage. Initially, the bride was shocked to see this strange gift, but later when her husband told her the reason for doing so, she also caressed the donkey. Now the video of this incident is going viral on social media.

Animal activist from Pakistan posted the video

Azlan Shah, an animal lover living in Pakistan, has shared this incident on his Instagram post. In this, he told that he has gifted a donkey’s child to his new bride. While giving such an interesting gift, Azlan Shah says to his bride, ‘The question is, why is the donkey being given as a gift? So there are 2 answers to this. The first answer is that you like the donkey’s child very much and the second answer is that it is the cutest and hardworking animal in the world.

‘I will not let you just be a donkey’

When the groom says this, the bride Varisha says, ‘I will not let you remain just a donkey.’ As soon as he says this, all the people present in the ceremony start laughing.

Azlan Shah says in the video that he has not separated the donkey’s child from its mother and she has also come with him. Both of them were bought by their mother for 30 thousand rupees. They say that now they will not have to do any labour. They will live happily on the farm. Will eat, drink and play a lot with us.

‘Wife also likes donkey children’

About this interesting gift of his, Azlan Shah says that he is an animal lover. Because of this, any other girl would hardly be ready for marriage with him. But once during the meeting, Warisa had told that she likes donkey’s children very much. Due to this the tuning of both was done. Coincidentally, his mother also likes baby donkeys very much, so it was decided to gift a baby donkey in the wedding mandap as a surprise gift to Warisa.

Azlan tells his social media fans, whatever people may say, but donkey is my spirit animal. I like this animal (Donkey) very much. You can say I love donkeys. That’s why I chose to gift it to my wife. He laughs and says, please don’t make fun of this.

‘Brother would have waited for 2 more months, then…’

Lots of comments are pouring in on his funny gift on social media. One user wrote, wives see their husbands as donkeys anyway. In such a situation, what was the need to take the trouble. Had he waited for two months, he himself would have become a donkey in the eyes of his wife.

One user wrote in a pinch, just do it my brother, don’t make so many goals that it becomes difficult for us to complete them. If our wives also start making similar demands, then how will we be able to fulfill them.