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Gujarat Man Injects Ex-Wife in Surat with HIV+ Blood to Get her Back, investigation relealed he was Inspired by TV Show,


Inspired by a TV show, a Gujarat-based man ended up injecting his ex-wife with HIV+ blood to get her back. The 35-year-old accused was later arrested after her aggrieved ex-wife filed a complaint against him. The incident was reported from Surat’s Mora Bhagal area and occurred earlier on Sunday. Based on the complaint, the accused was arrested, and the police found blood in his trouser pocket.

As per the police, the accused and his wife had been married for fifteen years. Due to frequent disputes, the couple ended up getting divorce two months ago. However, the accused man was not comfortable with the divorce and wanted to get her back. Meanwhile, he watched a television show where he saw someone injecting a person with dog’s blood.

Inspired by the same, the accused decided to take things up a notch. To get his wife back, the accused decided to inject her with HIV+. Earlier on Sunday, the accused met his ex-wife, and asked her to return after spending a day with her, eating out, and hanging out.

When his wife refused, he injected a syringe of HIV+ blood into her buttock. The woman fell unconscious, and after returning to her senses, she alerted the cops and the arrest was made.