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Indonesian Woman Fakes Death on Social Media to Avoid Paying Debt of 4.2 Million IDR


An Indonesian woman, who wanted to avoid paying debt of 4.2 million IDR (Rs 22 thousand approximately), ended up faking her own death on social media. When confronted, the woman’s son confessed that his mother wanted to avoid paying debts, and hence laid the elaborate plan. The incident was reported from Indonesia, and the woman with a 4.2 million debt on her, is currently on the run.

The entire series of event, which may feel straight out of a bad Bollywood film, started when the woman Liza Dewi Pramita, requested a loan extension from a woman after unable to pay the 4.2 million debt. As the day of the deadline came inches closer, her son took to social media, and shared a shocking post, announcing his mother’s death. Not only did the son announced his mother’s demise, but also shared pictures of his mother’s dead body.

As per reports, Liza Dewi Pramita, had borrowed 4.2 million IDR (Rs 22,000) from Maya Gunawan. However, as she was not able to pay the sum, she sought a deadline extension. Maya agreed for the same, however when Liza did not meet second deadline, Maya found out that her son had shared the pictures of Liza’s death.

When she cross-verified the pictures, she discovered that the pictures were stolen from internet and morphed, to fake the death.