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Instant Karma – Drunk Man Misbehaves with Women, Gets Thrashed with Slippers | Watch Video


In an ‘Instant Karma’ incident, a Karnataka-based drunk man received swift justice after he misbehaved with women and then got thrashed with slippers by the annoyed and infuriated women. The video of the incident shows the inebriated man barely able to stand on his feet, being thrashed with slippers by an elderly woman. The incident was reported from Dharwad city and occurred on the city’s Subhash Road.

According to reports, the accused miscreant was inebriated and was harassing women on the road by going to them and forcing them to give their phone numbers. While some women decided to go on their ways and not raise an alarm, one woman, enraged at the man’s audacity, decided to not let the matter be.

She gathered locals and told them about the ordeal and what followed was a thrashing in public. One local was caught on cam holding the drunk man while the enraged women hit him with slippers. The local man holding the man still also gave a slap or two and was seen kicking the drunk as he lied on the floor.

Reportedly, no complaints have been filed in the matter, and the accused was chased away by the locals after being thrashed.