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Namra Qadir, Delhi Based YouTuber, Arrested for making Rape Story to Extort money worth Rs 80 Lakhs


Namra Qadir, a Delhi based YouTuber, concocted a fake rape story to extort Rs 80 lakhs from a businessman, only to be arrested for her actions. With over 617k followers on YouTube, one would assume that a content creator would find positive and constructive ways to make money. However, Namra chose to act otherwise, and honey trapped a businessman to extort him on the tune of Rs 80 lakhs.

The incident came to the fore after the extortion victim Dinesh Yadav filed a complaint against her. As per the complaint, Dinesh connected with Namra who demanded Rs 2 lakhs from him to promote his advertising firm on her channel. He agreed to it and paid the sum.

Later, the two got closer and Namra expressed her liking for Dinesh. In August, Namra and Dinesh went to a club party, where they booked a room. The next morning, Namra asked Dinesh to handover his cards, his smartwatch, and threatened to implicate him in a rape case.

Namra, along with her husband, Manish, extorted Rs 80 lakhs and expensive gift items from Dinesh. It was only when Dinesh talked about the matter to his father, that a complaint was filed.

While Namra has been arrested after confessing to her crimes, her husband is absconding and efforts are on to trace him.