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VIDEO: 'New variant, new mask ideas': New COVID-19 mask goes viral from Chinese restaurant


Amid Chinese cities being affected with a new coronavirus strain, a video allegedly showing a man from China using a quirky face mask has gone viral on social media. What's so special about the mask that makes it stand out from the ones we have? The video shows a man wearing a bird's beak-like mask that opens and shuts in-and-off food intake.

What a jugaad! The video which is doing the rounds on the internet has tickled the laughter bones of people for the usage of a convenient mask. Netizens were impressed with the mask idea and design and commented to know where they could buy one.

In case you haven't watched the video yet, we'll tell you what it has for you. The footage shows a man enjoying his meal at a restaurant wherein he uses the much-tricky chopsticks to satisfy his food cravings. Unlike most people who would have to completely take out their face masks to consume the delicacies, this man has a hack to be better proof from contracting the coronavirus infection. He uses a bird's beak-inspired mask that can be opened wide for food intake and later brought back to the original closed state.

Watch viral video:

Reportedly, the 37 million single day tally daily has been estimated for December 20. If these figures are accurate, the infection rate would break the previous daily record of about 4 million, set in January 2022.

Amid the wake of a disastrous outbreak in the People's Republic of China with daily cases surging rapidly, China's National Health Commission (NHC) declared in a statement on Sunday that it will no longer release the data for daily fresh cases of COVID-19 in the country from December 25.