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Sextortion Gang Duped 69 year old Man of Rs 16 Lakh After 'Video Sex' With


Delhi, December 12: In yet another incident of sextortion, an elderly man in Delhi was duped of over Rs. 16 lakhs by cybercriminals. The 69-year-old Rakesh Singh (name changed), received a Whatsapp video call from a 'lonely, young woman' seeking friendship at around 10 pm on October 10. After a brief conversation, an intense exchange of "video sexting" followed which trapped the old man.

According to the report published by the Times of India, the woman, after the "video sex" disappeared for a couple of days, leaving the victim anxious. The victim then received a call from the woman's keen saying she has been murdered and the "video" has been uploaded on YouTube and Instagram. The kin also told the man he has been named in the murder FIR. 

Threatening and Extortion:

Soon followed weeks of harassment and extortions. The victim was told that the video of the intimate conversation between him and the woman was uploaded on social media. To take them off, he was asked to pay some money. Out of fear of social stigma and his reputation, the man transferred money into their accounts. Following this, a person posing as a cop contacted the victim and told him that his name has been added to the FITR and he needs to pay money to take it off. 

Fearing arrest, the victim again transferred money through RTGS and NEFT transfers into various bank accounts. The victim, however, approached police and filed a complaint when he received a phone call from the suspect saying the signature of a Delhi Police ACP was required to close the case. The accused asked him for more money. Having spent all his savings, the man reached the police station.