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Viral on Internet : Football fan from Poland watches FIFA match during his surgery; check pics


How crazy is your love for football? In a not-so-usual case of fandom, a football fan took to watch the ongoing FIFA world tournament while undergoing his medical surgery. Wait, what? Yes, you read that right, the patient was on spinal anesthesia (only numbs the local region) during the clinical procedure when he expressed his desire to tune into the football match.

A TV screen set inside the operation theatre was turned on to display the footage from the FIFA match in Qatar. The incident was reported from the hospital treating him, SP ZOZ MSWiA in Poland's Kielce.

To the unversed, doctors often ask patients to be comfortable and anxiety-free during any medical procedure. For the same, in the case of minor surgeries using regional anesthesia, patients are free to tune into loved music, watch TV shows, or any other. Such being the scenario, this man from Poland took to witness the football game from the OT.