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WATCH: Kashmiri students allegedly thrashed at AMU, protests ensue


Aligarh: A protest demonstration was held by Kashmiri students at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) on after a PhD scholar from Kashmir was allegedly thrashed by the students.

The incident occurred after students of the university were playing badminton at 1:00 am on Sunday and a PhD scholar from Kashmir asked them not to disturb him as he was preparing for the exams. This infuriated the students and they started beating the scholar, a Kashmiri student who was also the part of the protest told Free Press Journal.
Next day, the students brought a group of boys with them and thrashed more Kashmir students at the campus. The students said they approached the varsity with the same concern; however, authorities did not pay any heed to the pleas.

J&K Students Association National Convenor Nasir Khuehami told FPJ that situation inside AMU with Kashmiri students is grim. He said such issues were witnessed earlier too. “Had university taken action on the issue, Kashmiri students would not have held any demonstration,” he said.

He said J&K Students Association also wrote to Union Home Minister Amit Shah to immediately stop ‘harassment’ of Kashmiri students at AMU.

In a statement National Convenor of Association Nasir Khuehami said that, there are 1400 students from Kashmir valley enrolled in Undergraduate, Postgraduate and research courses at Aligarh Muslim University, Uttar Pradesh. Students from Jammu and Kashmir are facing an uncivilized hostile culture (Goonda culture) at AMU Consistently.

They have become victim of this culture of hostility. Over the past three months at least seven students of J and K region were brutally assaulted resulting in gravious injuries (One of the student suffering head trauma). In the backdrop of this fear inducing culture, Students from J&K are feeling unsafe and insecure which is psychologically impacting their studies. However, No action is being taken. The fact that attacks on Kashmiri students are increasing, the same is being ignored despite our repeated pleas for immediate intervention.

He said that, due to continous harassment and intimidation of Kashmiri students, the students of J&K are facing immense difficulties. They have been ruthlessly beaten numerous times, causing them stress. Even though the matter of harassment was brought before concerned authorities, but no concrete steps were taken by authorities to ensure the safety and security of students. The indifferent and discriminative attitude of authorities has left the students high and dry. Instead of action against the culprits, the Kashmiri students are being chastised, which is highly condemnable. J&K Students Association has demanded a probe and immediate arrest of all those involved in the assault on Kashmiri students, he said.

Home Ministry had issued an advisory in past to take "strict action" against those responsible for such incidents. However, in spite of all the advisories and directions, the harassment continues. The hostile (goonda) culture is irrational and insane practice to induce fear in the society, he added.

Khuehami said that, our collective demand is that a time bound enquiry should be conducted so as to ascertain the facts, circumstances & nefarious designs (if any) behind the continuous attacks, intimidation and harassment of kashmiri students. Besides pending inquiry, the Proctor of Aligarh Muslim University should be held accountable for his attitude in ensuring a safe and conducive atmosphere for J&K Students in general and students belonging to Kashmir in particular.

Nothing short of replacement of the incumbent Proctor will satisfy the collective conscience of 1400 students belonging to JKUT studying in AMU, he said.

FPJ tried to contact the AMU spokesperson for his version of the story. However, he could not be contacted.