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Watch Viral video: Man gets trapped underneath elephant statue in gujrat


A video from Madhya Pradesh has gone viral in which a man can be seen trapped beneath an elephant statue installed in a temple there.

Reports said that the man was performing a ritual in the temple premises when he got stuck under the elephant statue.

The video is from Amar Kantak, the original location of Narmada in Madhya Pradesh. There are two idols of an elephant and a horse.

    People say that devotees crawl beneath the elephant statue to fulfill their vows. The space under this elephant statue is so small that many a times people get stuck beneath it.

    In the viral video, the man can be seen trying his best to get out from beneath the statue. The temple priest can also be seen helping the man to come out.

    Other people can also be heard giving various advices to the man but it is not yet clear whether the man managed to get out from beneath the elephant.

    A similar incident took place in 2019 when a woman got trapped while performing a ritual but managed to get out.