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VIDEO: Babar Azam Scandal: Leaked videos of Pak captain go viraL


Pakistan cricket captain Babar Azam who is currenty facing a lot of criticism over his captaincy after back to back home series losses to England and New Zealand, looks to have found himself in a controversial soup.  An undated video of Babar has been released on social media where he is allegedly se*ting with the girlfriend of another Pakistani cricketer.

News of the alleged scandal went viral when Dr Nimo Yadav tweeted a video in the early hours of Monday. Fans have rushed to his defence labelling it as an attempt to defame the Pakistani cricketer. The video posted by Yadav seemed to have originated first Pakistan following which he shared them on social media.

An account named eish.arajpoot.1 purpotedly from Pakistan posted the same videos on Instagram and is seen following Babar Azam on it.

“Babar Azam sexting with GF of another Pakistan cricketer and promising her that her bf won’t be out of the team if she keeps sexting with him is just “ Dr. Nimo Yadav Tweeted.

'Don't blame me for Babar Azam scandal'

Shoaib Jatt, a Pakistani journalist who is known to a staunch criticic of Babar Azam was accused by Pakistani cricket fans of being behind the leaked videos. Some pointed out that the person who first posted the videos on social media was following Shoaib Jatt, to which the journalist responded on Twitter saying:  "I have no connection with this scandal at all. I respect Babar Azam a lot and I feel he is on the process to become great. I only criticise him when he does not take sound decisions as a captain and when he does I praise him. I am reiterating I have nothing to do with his scandal and appeal to not connect me with it," Jatt was heard as saying.

It is not the first time the Pakistani captain has been involved in a scandal of this nature. A woman named Hamiza Mukhtar had accused Babar of sexual abuse, harassment, blackmailing, etc. However, after an investigation was launched Mukhtar dropped all charges and admitted she had made false allegations.