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Elon Musk says colleges are for fun, not for learning; Video


RPG Group Chairman Harsh Goenka has shared a video clip that shows Elon Musk speaking about college education. The Tesla CEO is heard discussing the futility of college learning. As per Musk, colleges are not for learning at all.

“You don’t need college to learn stuff. Everything is available basically for free. You can learn anything you want for free. It is not a question of learning. I think colleges are basically for fun and to prove you can do your chores. But, they’re not for learning," Elon Musk is seen saying in the video clip shared by Harsh Goenka.

Some users agree with Musk. “He is right. Colleges are for degree and networking. With degree you have the eligiblity to apply for jobs and so it networking to know which jobs are better, where to apply etc (sic)," wrote one of them.

“More than college it is a place to meet others with different characters which later helps us to deal with such characters in real life. So now on College should be called "Funllege" or Companies should turn as College (sic)," wrote another.

“Yes! Colleges are for fun in life and distractions on mind from purposes on our life. Elite lifestyle can only be achieved from learning in life and application on our daily actions (sic)," comes from another.

Some didn’t think Musk was right about college education. One of them quipped, “Aadmi successful ho jata hai to uski har bakwas ko updesh nahi manna chaaiye (You don’t have to consider every senseless talk as an advice simply because a man has become successful).

“Will you give opportunity to person in your group based on his skills not a degree. Just asking. We Indians are too obsessed with degrees (sic)," wrote one user.

Musk studied economics and physics at the University of Pennsylvania, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Bachelor of Science in Physics, respectively. Later, he enrolled at Stanford University but dropped out after two days.