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Pakistani man with 3 wives welcomes 60th child, seeks new wife and wants more kids


Sardar Jan Mohammad Khan Khilji, a 50-year-old doctor from Pakistan, welcomed his 60th child recently. The man said that he wants more children and also a new wife. He even claimed that he has asked his friends to find him a new woman. Meanwhile, he claimed that the inflation has impacted his finances.

One Pakistani man became a father for the 60th time and is in hope of having more children in the future. Sardar Jan Mohammad Khan Khilji, a 50-year-old, welcomed his son Haji Khushhal Khan, recently.
The man, a doctor who lives near the Eastern Bypass of Quetta city, is married to 3 women and is known for his massive family. The elated new father is now looking for a fourth woman as he hopes to marry again.
"I have asked all my friends to help me find a girl for my fourth marriage," said the man to BBC.
in addition to a new partner, Khilji looks forward to having more children, particularly more daughters than sons.
Meanwhile, the increase in inflation levels in the country has impacted Khilji financially.

"Business has come to a standstill. The prices of all basic things including flour, ghee and sugar have tripled. For the last three years, all Pakistanis, including the whole world, are facing difficulties, including me," said the man.
However, the determined man is doing everything possible to meet the expenses of his children and wives.
Speaking of leisurely activities with his family, Khilji stated that he loved travelling with his family. Unluckily, the latter has become impossible for Khilji as he would require numerous vehicles to take his family for a trip.
"If the government gives me a bus, I can easily take all my children to Pakistan," said the man, who dreams of taking his children all around the country.