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Watch video: Man in extreme cold weather with a bowl of noodles which freezes mid-air


A man named Jake Fischer posted a video on his Instagram account on Dec 28 where he is seen stepping outside in extreme cold to eat ramen which has gone viral now. In the video, the man is seen standing with a bowl of frozen noodles and he says that he came here to eat ramen and its too cold there. He captioned the post as, “Ramen has cooled!”

Since being shared, the video has received more than 40 million views and over 1, 250,197 likes. The video shows a man dressed in winter clothes holding a bowl of noodles and the fork which are seen frozen mid-air.

Watch the video below:

The video also received several comments from netizens. “Your hair turned into frozen ramen,” said an Instagram user.

“Is this makeup or real?” asked another. To which, Fischer replied, “Real as rain! Well, ice in this case."

“Bro’s from Narnia,” wrote the third user referencing a popular fantasy movie series.

A user also asked, "And what were you doing out there bro?" which was actually the most sensible question.

Read some more comments of the Instagram users below: