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Watch: Two Bulls Fight In The Middle Of Road And Then see what happens


A video of two bulls fighting in the middle of the road has gone viral. In a video shared on YouTube, a bull was seen chasing and beating another, who then crashed into a Royal Enfield bike parked on the roadside. While the exact location of the incident is unknown, it looks like a city in India. After locking horns, the two move around before the dominant bull pushes the other into the bike, which tumbled immediately.

Posted in August 2022, the video has gathered over 6.8 crore views and over 24 lakh likes. This is because people loved watching the two bulls brawling in the middle of the road. The fight ends after the bull gets up and runs away to the other side of the road. People moved away and didn’t interfere as the incident unfolded.

People found the video funny and ferocious and discussed their views in the comments section.

A user commented, “Man this is the new WWE fighter, who doesn’t look around him.”

Another user wrote, “The Black bull is like, ‘Take a seat on that motorbike and go to your shed. You have no chance here. I have paid for the ride.’”

A total of 5.5k people commented on the video and laughed at each other’s jokes about it.

A lot of such videos go viral from time to time on the internet. While some of them show ferocious predators killing their prey, others show two animals facing each other off. From kittens to lions, tigers and bulls, all animals are entertaining to watch when they are in action.