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Animal Welfare Board Asks Indians to Celebrate “Cow Hug Day” on February 14, Letter Goes Viral

 A letter with India’s Animal Welfare Board urging Indians to celebrate “cow hug day” on February 14 has gone viral on social media, garnering all kinds of reactions. Notably, the day is celebrated across the world as Valentine’s Day, a day to cherish one’s love for their loved ones. However, the recent letter shared by the welfare board attempts to change the tide.

It should be noted that the Animal Welfare Board falls in the purview of the Indian government as it comes under the Union Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying. In a circular widely going viral on social media, the board urged people to hug cows and bovines in the nation and “feel individual and collective happiness”.

Netizens Remain Amused at Appeal

Meanwhile, netizens have since been amused at the attempt of rebranding Valentine’s Day in India to “Cow Hug Day”.


“We all know that the Cow is the backbone of Indian culture and rural economy, sustains our life, and represents cattle wealth and biodiversity. It is known as ‘Kamdhenu’ and ‘Gaumata’ because of its nourishing nature like mother, the giver of all providing riches to humanity,” read the letter floated by the Animal Welfare Board.

Shedding light on Vedic heritage of India, the letter read – “Due to the progress of western culture over time. The dazzle of western civilization has made our physical culture and heritage almost forgotten.”