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ChatGPT Plus users to receive Turbo mode: Details on new feature


OpenAI recently launched its ChatGPT Plus services in the US on a monthly subscription basis for $20. The Plus subscription offers more features in comparison to the standard services of ChatGPT such as faster response, priortised access to new features and access to more services during the peak hours.

According to a report from ChatGPT Plus users, OpenAI has recently enabled a new mode called Turbo for Plus members providing them enhanced speed. As per a screenshot shared by a user, as of now, this Turbo mode is alpha phase and will be available for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. Moreover, for some Plus users, the mode has been activated to default automatically.

Currently, ChatGPT is offering default mode and turbo mode. The ChatGPT Plus users can switch between both the modes. However, regular users are only able to access the default mode. Posts from Reddit also suggest that the Turbo mode is likely to provide faster but low quality responses. Although some suggest that the turbo mode is designed to provide higher quality responses.

It has also been reported that some users have complained on how Turbo mode lacked to offer results more than the default mode. In contrast to it, some say that Turbo mode is an enhanced version of default mode that needs minimal computational resources and is meant for real-time applications.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Electronics and IT is planning to integrate ChatGPT with WhatsApp to help Indian farmers understand and learn about several government schemes, as per a report. Notably, a report from The Indian Express suggests that Bhashini, a team at Meity, is testing the WhatsApp chatbot powered by ChatGPT.