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Gujarat Man Marries Woman from Matrimonial Website,Later Found She is a Wanted Gangster from Assam


In a shocking incident, a man in Gujarat, who married a woman from the matrimonial website, sought annulment after finding out that his wife is a wanted gangster! The poor man who received the shock of his life was identified as Vimal Karia. Karia met the most-wanted bride, Rita Das, thanks to a matrimonial platform. However, he was left baffled, finding out that the woman he got married to, was a wanted gangster from Assam, accused of fraud, hunting, theft, and even murder.

A Porbandar resident, Vimal met Rita Das from Assam on a matrimonial app. It was a wonderful meet-up with Rita, as they decided to get married shortly after they had their first conversation. Little did Aman know that Rita had misled her into believing that she was a divorced woman.

The marital bliss was met with a rude halt, when Rita received an “urgent call” from her mother and disappeared in thin air. Vimal then received a call from Rita’s lawyer, asking for a bail amount of Rs 1 lakh.

After transferring the amount, Vimal did a quick Google search, and found out that a non-bailable warrant had been against his wife who had been on the run after being accused of “fraud, theft, murder and hunting”.

He also found out that his wife’s real name was ‘Rita Chauhan’.

Vimal Met Rita on Matrimonial

According to tot reports, Vimal, a Porbandar resident, found the woman of her dreams on a matrimonial platform. The woman in question was Rita Das, from Assam. The duo met for the first time and immediately hit it off. They soon decided to get married.

This was when Rita told Vimal that she is a divorcee. When Vimal asked Rita for the divorce paper, she lied and said that since it was a panchayat divorce, she had no documents at her disposal, both of her wedding and her divorce.

Couple Gets Married

Vimal didn’t think much of it, and the couple got married in Ahmedabad. The marital bliss met with a rude halt when Rita left her husband, claiming that due to some property dispute she had to settle, she needed to go to her mother. Since then, Rita has never returned.

Later, Vimal got a call from Rita’s lawyer, who said that she had a minor case registered against her. The lawyer told Vimal that his wife’s bail would cost him Rs 1 lakhs. Somehow, he arranged the bail amount and got it transferred to Rita.

The Rude Shock

When he received the court documents from the lawyer, Vimal got a shock as her name was written as ‘Rita Chauhan’ not ‘Rita Das’. When Vimal tried to reach out to her, she blocked his number. Later, Vimal did a quick Google search, and found out that she had been involved in cases pertaining to arms smuggling, theft, murder, and even rhino poaching.