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‘How many times did PM went abroad with Adani?’ asks Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi: On the 6th day of the budget session of the Parliament, the discussion on the motion of thanks took place in the Lok Sabha. During this, Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack at the government fiercely, on the Adani issue.

Rahul Gandhi further said that a few days ago Hindenburg’s report came, in which it was written that Adani has a shell company outside India, the question is whose shell company is it? Shell companies are sending thousands of crores of rupees to India, whose money is this? Is Adani doing this work for free?

Rahul Gandhi asked how many times Prime Minister Narendra Modi went abroad with Gautam Adani? Earlier PM Modi used to travel abroad in Gautam Adani’s ship but now Gautam Adani goes abroad in PM Modi’s ship. The Lok Sabha speaker kept telling him repeatedly to exercise restraint. Rahul Gandhi said that many schemes were spoken in the President’s address, but Agniveer was spoken only once. There was no word unemployment and inflation in it. The public is saying something, but there is nothing in the President’s address. He also attacked the government regarding foreign policy.

Spoke strongly on monopoly established by Gautam Adani

Attacking Adani strongly, Rahul Gandhi said in Parliament that one name was heard everywhere in Bharat Jodo Yatra, Adani. In 2014, he was at number 609 in the list of the world’s richest people, at the bottom. But the magic of 2014 happened and he jumped to number two.

‘Adani ji’s owns every business from apple to ports’

Rahul said that in Himachal it is Adani when it comes to apples, in Kashmir it is Adani, in Kashmir Adani is Adani, in port and airport Adani is running on the road. Rahul further said- People asked how did Adaniji get success? The most important question is that what is his relation with the Prime Minister of India and what is his relation like? Rahul Gandhi said that walk on the road today and ask who built it, Adani’s name will come up.

Rise in Adani’s asset after 2014

Rahul Gandhi said how his wealth reached $140 billion in 2022 from $8 billion in 2014. Rahul said that people without experience do not get airport work. Adani does not have experience but by changing the rules, he was given the responsibility of six airports in the country.

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi said that Adani has zero experience in the defense sector as well, yet they were given the responsibility of making drones. Yesterday PM said in HAL that we made wrong allegations. But in reality the contract for 126 aircraft of HAL went to Anil Ambani.