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Hyderabad :16-Year-Old Girl Gangraped by 5 Men At Birthday Party, All Accused Arrested including female enabler

 In a shocking incident reported from Hyderabad, a 16-year-old girl was gangraped by 6 men at a birthday party, where she was accompanied by her friend and her boyfriend. All the 6 accused, aged between 18 to 21-year-old, were arrested in the aftermath of the horrific crime. Meanwhile, the cops also arrested the boyfriend of the survivor’s friend for abetment to the offence. The incident was reported from Chatrinaka and occurred earlier last week.

The survivor is a tribal girl who lives with her mother, a labourer by profession. Earlier on February 4, the girl had stepped out of her home to get some medicines for her mother. She then went out again where she met a 16-year-old girl who befriended her. The other girl persuaded the survivor to come to her friend’s place in Bhoiguda for a birthday party.

The minor alleged that in the party, multiple men started misbehaving with her. They also made her drink a beverage mixed with alcohol. When the girl got drunk, five men took turns to rape her. The minor in her complaint claimed that the men had kept the music loud so that her screams could not be heard.

She returned home the next morning, and told her mother the ordeal. The mother took the girl to police, and an FIR was registered.

Girl Forced to Drink Spiked Soft Drink

At the birthday party, the survivor’s new friend went into another room with her boyfriend, while the remaining men started to misbehave with the survivor. When she rejected their advances, they made her drink a beverage mixed with alcohol.

After the girl felt the alcohol’s effects on her, she was reportedly subjected to the horrors inflicted by five men, who reportedly took turns in raping her. The girl somehow made her way back to her home at around 3 am, slept for a while, and then narrated the entire incident to her mother.

Complaint Filed, All Accused Arrested

The mother and the survivor took to the local police, wherein they filed a complaint and an FIR was registered against the five men. An investigation was launched into the case and the police arrested the five men who took turns raping the girl. The cops also arrested the 16-year-old girl who convinced her to come to the birthday party, and her boyfriend, for abetment to the offences.