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VIDEO: 'Sadness cannot be described', the well-known Turkish chef who made everyone laugh burst into tears


Famous Turkish chef Cousin Barak, based in Dubai, is famous for making delicious food with a smile on his face, and even his fans who watch his videos can't help but smile.

After the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, now a video of Cousin Barak has come out in which he became overwhelmed while explaining the situation of the earthquake.

This video was shared by Barak on his Facebook and Instagram accounts, in which he is describing the affected areas in Turkish

According to the report of Arab media, Barak is saying in his video that 'I am unable to express my sorrow, due to the natural disaster, my sorrow has no limit. Qualified, they will do it'.

The Turkish chef also said that the situation is bad enough, after which he can be seen breaking down in tears in the video.

Apart from this, he released another video on his social media account in which food trucks can be seen being loaded.

In the caption, Barak said that he is delivering food trucks to different provinces.

It should be noted that at the beginning of this week, a terrible earthquake of magnitude 7.8 occurred in many cities of Syria, including Turkey, on Monday morning, which destroyed the lives of thousands of people.

So far, the number of people killed in this earthquake has reached 8000.