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On Camera: Atheist activist , Who Made Remarks Against Hindu Gods, Beaten In Police Van


Hyderabad: Atheist activist Bairi Naresh who has been in the headline for his remarks against Hindu Gods and Goddesses earlier as well, was on Monday attacked by a bunch of Right-wing goons while he was in police protection in Telangana's Hanamkonda district for one such remark made by him against Ayyappa Swami.

As per an NDTV report, Naresh was attending a college event when he learnt that he might be attacked by goons and called for police protection. He was sitting inside the police vehicle when the goons came and thrashed him up brutally in presence of at least five to six police officers.

In a viral video, Naresh can be seen getting beaten up by a bunch of people who do not care for the presence of even the police officers. These people entered the police vehicle and thrashed Naresh throwing punches at him assaulting him ruthlessly as he tried to protect himself.

The police's futile attempt to protect Naresh has also been recorded in the camera. As the officials try and pull one of the van, another one of the goons climb the vehicle and beat Naresh up.

Watch video here:

Mr Naresh was earlier arrested for allegedly controversial comments about Hindu gods. Even when he was in jail, there was fear that he might be attacked by people who were angry with his comments. He was therefore moved to solitary confinement before being provided protection.