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Viral Video: Man climbs a tree to escape bear attack, but here's what happened next


An undated video shared on Twitter goes a chilling scene of an encounter between a man and a bear. The video that comes from some forest captures the man trying to save his life from the animal.

In the video, we can see the man who reportedly went there hiking to be caught around a bear and having no other option to rescue but climbing over a tree. And he does just that. The hiker holds the tree tightly and climbs above to escape the bear from attacking him. What happens next?

If you have seen the viral video you'll know that the bear doesn't give up. In the video that gives goosebumps to the viewer, we can see the animal also trying to climb the tree and get closer to the man. However, we don't know how it ends as the video abruptly goes off before recording whether the hiker could make himself free from the bear.