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WATCH VIDEO: 'Cigarette' to welcome the groom? Quirky wedding ritual from Gujarat goes viral


A video of a unique wedding tradition has gone viral on social media. The viral video, which has over 180,000 likes, was shared on Instagram by blogger Joohi K Patel.

In the video, the groom sits on a couch while his mother-in-law and father-in-law welcome him with a special gift: a cigarette. But there is a catch! The bride's parents do not light the cigarette; it was just part of the ritual.

According to Joohi K Patel, who was a guest at the wedding, this is a traditional custom in some villages in South Gujarat. The unusual tradition surprised many netizens as smoking isn't associated with weddings.

While some viewers were initially shocked by the sight, Joohi was quick to clarify that the groom doesn't even smoke.

The video has sparked a lot of interest on social media, with many users praising the unique and quirky tradition. Others have criticized it for promoting smoking, even if it's just symbolic.