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WATCH VIDEO: Disturbing CCTV Footage Shows Naked Woman Roaming the Streets, Ringing Bells in UP

 A disturbing video has surfaced on social media, showing a naked woman roaming the streets and ringing bells in UP’s Rampur city. The incident was reported from Milak village in Rampur and occurred earlier on January 29, only to catch the media’s attention after the purported video of the incident went viral on social media. Following the incident, the woman was identified by the cops and brought to her family.

The part eerie and part concerning video of the incident shows a woman, appearing to be completely naked, ringing the door bells of multiple houses in a locality, moving on as she is left unattended. After being left unattended at one particular door, the woman stands still for a few seconds, turning her face to the road, and then walking away slowly.

After the creepy video of the naked woman roaming the streets of Rampur surfaced on social media, the local police took cognizance of the matter and said that they have registered the case and will increase the patrolling in the area. The police also issued an advisory, asking people to not spread misinformation, and come forth if they have more details about the woman and her family.

The woman has since been identified and found to be mentally ill, undergoing treatment in Bareilly for the last five years.

Watch the Video here (Discretion Advised):