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Woman Carries Injured Husband on Shoulders to SP’s Office After Goons Beat him | Video

 In a heartbreaking development, a Shahdol-based woman was caught on camera carrying her injured husband on her shoulders to the SP’s officer after some goons beat him up. The incident was reported from Harri village of Sohagpur police station area and took place earlier this week. The man who got beaten up by miscreants was identified as Gendlal Yadav.

In one of the videos shared by Free Press, the man can be seen being carried by his wife on her shoulders. The man can be seen having a plastered leg and arm. Despite the heavy weight of her husband weighing on her shoulders, the woman swiftly makes her way to the SP’s office with a brisk pace and not caring for anything other than the justice she and her husband are seeking.

According to reports, Gendalal was ambushed by some youths on his way back home. The accused youths snatched his money and thrashed him. Later, Gendalal had to be admitted to a nearby medical facility.

When his wife filed a complaint with the police, the cops registered a case of assault on the three accused. However, unsatisfied with the sections imposed by cops, the woman carried her husband to the SP’s office.

Taking matter into cognizance, the Sohagpur TI was directed to investigate and add more sections of IPC.

Woman Carries Injured Husband on Shoulders

After her husband was thrashed by some local youths in her area, she filed a complaint against the youths. However, the sections imposed by the cops remained inadequate for the woman. To address the situation, she carried her injured husband on her shoulders, all the way to the SP’s office, and told the SP the tale.

The woman’s bold gesture and action for justice was also caught on camera, visuals of which are going viral on social media.

Watch the Video here