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Passengers try to intervene as two women engage in a dramatic brawl inside metro, wielding a shoe and a bottle in a viral video.


Be it the Mumbai local trains or the Delhi metro, the transports seem to have become spots witnessing frustrated arguments and fights. There are many videos that surfaced online showing a dramatic fight inside the coaches of the metro rails; here's another one.

A video uploaded by a Twitter handle 'Ghar ke Kalesh' known for sharing instances and camera recordings of fights and chaos filmed two women involved in an abusive brawl, allegedly inside the Delhi metro. It was noted on social media that the fight broke out over a seat in the transport.

The footage captures the moment when a woman took out her footwear and held it in her hand to purportedly threaten and smash another female onboard. However, the other was no weaker and she took picked up a water bottle to counter and aggravate the situation.

WATCH VIDEO (Warning: The video contains abusive language)

Viral Video gets hundreds and thousands of views

Both females were seen yelling at each other at the top of their voices while people around tried to settle the issue and calm them down, as seen in the viral video. Since being shared online on Wednesday, the footage was viewed more than 150K times by netizens.

Similar incidents in the past

2022 seemed to have flooded with videos of fights that occurred inside metros and local trains.


It was July 2022 when a scuffle between a girl and a boy commuting in the Delhi metro surfaced online. The couple was fighting over the price of a dress bought from the famous clothing store Zara. Other instances of fights from the Delhi metro rail include two women arguing over their seats (this video resurfaced on the internet earlier this March), a man onboard hitting another, and nearly crying out amidst the harsh fight, and so on...


Two women travelling on a Virar-Dadar train in October 2022 indulged in a fight that saw them pulling each other's hair and slapping. In another case from the city, a massive fight was witnessed between women over a seat inside a Thane-Panvel train. Both videos, along with a few others, went viral on social media.