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Boost Your Bone Health: Incorporate These 5 Calcium-Rich Superfoods into Your Daily Diet.


Calcium-Rich Diet for kids: It is very essential for a mother to be careful about her kid’s diet as the right amount of nutrition in the growing years ensures good health and fitness later in life. Calcium is among the most important nutrients for growing kids. It helps the formation and development of bones and teeth and helps maintain bone density and bone mass during adolescence. As per Nutritionist, Anjali Mukerjee ”Getting enough Calcium in your kids’ diet is very essential in their developing years. Having strong bones in childhood is a good start for good bone health throughout life. Every Mother is worried that their child doesn’t drink milk, how will they get enough calcium? Well, Milk is not the only source of calcium. How else can you include Calcium in your kids’ diet. ” Read on to know these 5 sources.

Calcium-Rich Diet: 5 Foods High in Calcium And Why You Need it

  1. Black sesame seeds: Richest source of calcium, along with Vitamin B complex protein and healthy fats. Most children enjoy til chikki. So you could pack some of it in her tiffin box and give it to her as an anytime snack.
  2. Curd: An easily digestible calcium, curd has immunity boosting properties. Make a habit of giving them curd daily. You can give either plan curd or as dip or curd rice.
  3. Whole pulses: Most whole pulses are rich in calcium like rajma, kabuli channa, black channa, green channa, chowli etc can be cooked with onions and tomatoes and taken along with rice or chappati.
  4. Green Vegetables: Most green vegetables like methi, broccoli, spinach, radish leaves are extremely rich in calcium. Mint and coriander chutney is highly accepted by children, spread this green chutney liberally on their whole wheat sandwiches or they could eat it as an accompaniment with meals.
  5. Nuts: Nuts like walnuts, figs, dates and apricots are rich sources of calcium also healthier choice for protein, healthy fats and vitamins. Make this as a healthy snack food for your child on daily basis.