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Breaking: Punjab Police arrests Waris Punjab De Chief Amritpal Singh, Internet Service Suspended


New Delhi: A special team of Punjab police has reportedly arrested pro-Khalistani outfit group ‘Waris Punjab De Chief’ Amritpal Singh from Mehatpur village in Jalandhar district. Internet services have also been suspended in the state.

Just After G-20 Summit got over in Amritsar yesterday, a special Punjab police team along with huge police forces arrested Khalistan sympathiser Amritpal Singh. 

He was nabbed while he tried to escape from a house in Jallupur Khera village. According to reports, his 6 armed aides have also been detained by police. 

Internet Service has been suspended till Sunday to avoid the spreading of hate and fake information. 

Police teams have also been deployed near his village along the Sutlej river in the Moga district.

According to sources, police forces from seven districts chased Amritpal Singh and his associates and nabbed them at Mehatpur village in Jalandhar district.

Police had prior information about Amritpal Singh movement so they closed all the roads and deployed police forces everywhere.

In a tweet, Punjab Police requested all citizens to maintain peace and harmony and not to spread fake news or hate speech.

He was on police radar since he along with his supporters launched a massive protest at Anjala Police station to release his close aide Lovepreet Singh. Hundreds of his supporters, some of them with swords and guns, broke through the police barricade and barged into the police station.

later, police had to release Lovepreet to avoid fierce protests.