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Rarest of Rare Occurrence - Watch Rare massive Tornado in Punjab's Fazilka Causing Widespread Damage: Video Footage


Fazilka district in Punjab witnessed an unusual and damaging weather phenomenon on Friday as a massive tornado swept through the region, causing injuries and wrecking hundreds of houses. While tornadoes are rare in India, the unstable weather conditions triggered by a western disturbance led to the tornado's formation from the convergence of thunderstorms and strong winds.

Videos shared on social media platforms showed the severe impact of the tornado, which hit Bakainwala village in the Fazilka district during the evening hours. While no human fatalities were reported, over half a dozen people and livestock suffered injuries, and more than 50 houses were damaged. The tornado also resulted in crop destruction in the fields and kinnow orchards before crossing over to Pakistan.

According to weather.com, tornadoes are relatively uncommon in India due to various factors like climate, geography, topography, and weather patterns. However, the district experienced this extreme weather event, which caused widespread damage and injuries.

As per a PTI report, the tornado caused 12 injuries and damaged 30 houses. The Indian Express reported that only 15 tornadoes have been reported in Northwest India and Pakistan from June 1903 to March 2011, indicating the rarity of this weather phenomenon in the region.

While the residents of Fazilka district recover from the tornado's aftermath, the availability of smartphone cameras has enabled several videos to surface on social media, illustrating the devastating impact of this rare weather occurrence in Punjab.