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VIDEO: "Groom enraged after bride cancels wedding, expresses emotions by singing SRK's 'Aashiq Hoon Main Kaatil Bhi Hoon'.

 In a bizarre incident, a groom from UP turned Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan vowed to take his bride along with him after she refused to marry him and called off the wedding.

The man, reportedly in a drunken state, climbed to the wedding venue and started singing, ‘Aashiq Hoon Main, Kaatil Bhi Hoon,” from SRK’s movie Badshah.

The video of the man is now going viral on social media platforms. It was first shared on Twitter and is since being re-shared on various other platforms.

The video was posted on Twitter by a user Sanjay Tripathi. Sharing the video, he wrote, “This matter is of Mau district, UP. This Janab is a big fan of Bollywood. Everything was going well. But suddenly, this man went to the stage and spread fire. What next, the stage show went a little overboard. Police tried a lot but the matter could not be solved.”

According to sources, the wedding was going on smoothly when the drunk groom climbed to the stage and started singing before the varmala ceremony. In the 39-second video, we can see the groom dressed in a blue suit standing on the stage.

He then starts abusing a few policemen standing on the spot. He can be heard saying, “What are you all doing here. I will die but I will take the bride from here. I will marry her and take her from here.”

He continues, “Aashiq Hoon Main, Kaatil Bhi Hoon. Sabke Dilon Mein Samil Bhi Hoon Main. Waadon Se Apne Mukarta Nahin, Marne Se Main Kabhi Darta Nahin.”

This infuriated the bride so much that she called off the wedding!